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June O’Driscoll & Geoff Rolls Licensed Trainers of NLP

With Clinical Hypnotherapy Training we recognise that making the right choice is of paramount importance, as this may be a choice to develop yourself with a view to making a career change, follow a passion or even enhance what you offer already.

Learning is a wonderful and natural process and with appropriate, meaningful and enjoyable tuition, you will be able to notice how you can use your skills immediately through useful and practical exercises.

We believe that if the process is a fun one, knowledge will be far easier to develop and you will be wanting to put it into practice as soon as possible.

You may be curious about other techniques and approaches used in the field of personal development and at Hypnotherapy4Courses we are able to give you an appreciation of developing your skills across a wide range of fields.

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We provide Hypnotherapy and NLP Training Courses in 4 Levels

A Change of Mind

Students having fun with hypnosis

Level One is a 1 Day Introductory NLP Course, where you can experience how useful NLP will be in your personal or business life, by watching, listening and participating in practical exercises, you can make up your own mind.

Level Two is a 7 Day Licensed NLP Practitioner Course which will teach the attitudes, principles and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming, to increase personal effectiveness and to develop those skills in others.  On successful completion of the course you will gain certification through The Society of NLP, the first and largest NLP Certification Organisation in the world.  Your Certificate will be personally signed by Dr Richard Bandler (C0-Creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming in the 1970’s)

Training Clinical Hypnotherapy at Gatwick

June O’Driscoll with Clinical Hypnotherapy Students at The Holiday Inn, Gatwick Airport

Level Three is a 7 Day Licensed NLP Master Practitioner Course, an advanced level for the practised NLP Practitioner, taking your skills to another level.  Building on the already learnt skills and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming you can create your own ways of eliciting and installing change in yourself and others.  Special attention is devoted to eliciting and installing Strategies, using enhanced understanding of both the Meta Model and Milton Model of communication and the ability to used metaphors to develop your communication further.

Level Four is a 18 Day Diploma in Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapy Course, which has been validated by The General Hypnotherapy Register and The General Hypnotherapy Council and is Licensed with The Society of NLP.  On successful completion of the Diploma in Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapy Course you will qualify as a Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapist and be able to use the letters Dip I PCH and also be a Licensed Practitioner of NLPTM.

The Course is modular and incorporates:

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“June this week has been brilliant – Thank you very much. There were large parts of the week which will stay with me all of my life.”
Jeremy R, Retail Manager, Salisbury

“A high energetic person who is so motivational, funny, sincere and generous. Very personable – you completely won me over!”
Tom O, Business Coach, Hampshire

“June is an inspirational trainer. I truly appreciated her enthusiasm and her openness. I cannot begin to quantify how much I have learned from her both consciously and unconsciously (Yes I can read my unconscious mind !)”
Minoo S, English Teacher, Rye

0787 6578055