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Thank you for the Testimonials!

June – June, you are a star with a genuine desire to share the skills of NLP and Hypnotherapy, professionally, in detail and with a good helping of fun!

Mike W. Director, Sussex

The modules are rich with information and an excellent reference, not having to take notes because of this is a bonus as you can really focus on classroom learning.

Home fun is pitched just right by stretching you to think as a therapist and offer best advice. The work, study & input required is in-depth which I believe is the best option for both parties as we both know we can do it in the real world. Having the feedback on each home fun is also very useful.

The detail and effort put into the modules is plain to see, coupled with the practice on peers and external visitors, I don’t think you could want for me. I’m a fan!

What makes this a good investment – 

The full Diploma course is extremely comprehensive and excellent value. You will be impressed by how much hands-on practice there is and you will feel confident in knowing you can actually ‘do’ what you learn.

Mike W. Director, Sussex


June – It has been an absolute pleasure being trained by June. June has a wealth of knowledge and skills and is incredibly patient and understanding to her students during the training. I enjoyed her casual and relaxed approach to things. She made a conscious effort to create a good environment for students to learn and have fun at the same time.

Julian R. Marketing Manager, London

Thoroughly enjoyed it and was pleased to have done it with Thoughtitude. I was impressed how it built on my knowledge of NLP and introduced me competently to hypnotherapy.

What makes this a good investment – Its ability to build confidence in skills through continually practicing techniques on students and also Thoughtitude clients, to gain client practice.

Julian R. Marketing Manager, London

June – Great! What more can I say – Brilliant Energy, Great Communicator and Fantastic Trainer.

Geoff – Brilliant Language Skills, Very approachable, very generous with his skills and knowledge.

Learned a lot from Geoff and June.

Sonia G. Biomedical Scientist, Hove               

Diploma in Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses with June O'Driscoll

June O’Driscoll with students on The Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Course


June and Geoff are such great fun.  They are so good at what they do and compliment each other perfectly.  They radiate warmth and energy and who would of thought I would be able to touch a *blow off* now.  Thank you to you both for boosting my confidence.

Tina T, Haywards Heath


Great delivery of the subject matter.

Nigel H. Lindfield, Homeopath

Brilliant! Life Changing!  The penny has dropped!
Raffaela S, Holistic Therapist, Wiltshire

Pure Star, lovely, excellent fun delivery of information, patient and really interested in everyone, June and Geoff really knows their stuff!!
Angela F, Holistic Therapist , Reiki Master Teacher, Surrey

Delivery excellent, humerous and well timed.  

Excellent rapport between June and Geoff.
Sharon D, Administrator, Sussex

Excellent, great delivery in a relaxed atmosphere
Lee C, Spiritual Counsellor, Surrey

June was able to explain things I was a bit confused about, she was able to turn my light on!
Geraldine Lay, Reflexologist